Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sending packages - FACTS

Sending packages:
1.  You will have the greatest success sending a padded envelope  (keep it under
4 pounds and use the green custom slip).  These envelopes  are treated like
letters and arrive at the mission home in two weeks  and are distributed to the
missionaries in a timely manner.  Send it first class mail and save a little
over PRIORITY mailing costs.  The Peruvians don't think anything is really a

2.  A package or box takes a long time because the Peruvian post office  holds
things up.  The office Elders usually have to go pick up the box,  pay a fee,
tell your son what the fee is, your son has to pay the fee,  and then it is
released to the office Elders.  Then your son has to wait  for it to get
distributed to him.  This is the way it works in the PLE  mission.  I bet your
son's mission is quite the same.  As you can see, a  padded envelope that works
like a letter is so much better

3.  I suggest you start with a padded envelope (NOT the largest and most 
conspicuous) but a modest-sized one and mail a few things to your  missionary. 
See how long it takes and if it is successful.  I usually  write toothpaste,
toothbrush, on the custom form and never put more than  the envelope being worth
$5 or so.  I don't insure it or that would  really alert the Peruvian postal

Debby Eggleston


  1. My son also suggested to put stickers or pictures of Mother Mary on the package. Even better, put it on top of the flap that you seal the package with. The Peruvians will not cut a picture of Mother Mary!

  2. What do you suggest should be sent to missionaries? Is your mission similar to what is said about Mormon missions at ?

  3. Just came across this website and want to thank you! Just wanted to mention that, when sending letters or packages internationally, damage can be done and packages lost at either end of the mailing process. I'll be trying to send things via courier because I'm somewhat leary of using the postal service.

  4. I am trying to send a package of toys and new clothes and shoes to a mission in peru, what do you think would my best bet? You think i should split it up into small boxes, instead of a couple ofbig boxes?