Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mail info using "Vanessa Contreras"

This is the contact that was sent out about a month ago. I just sent something down with her last week.  I will not know when my daughter gets it for a while since she delivers to the Mission Home and usually Missionaries get all their mail during transfers which might be as long as 6 weeks.  I think she charges $5 per pound and $7 to deliver to Mission Homes.  She also asks to have the package in a large 2 gallon Zip Lock bag and then shipped to her in a box but she will deliver the bag and carry it by bag.  I know there were other mothers who used her exclusively during their son's mission so I  am expecting she has a good track record. 

Her name is Vanessa Contreras
1604 South Prospect Street
SLC Utah 84104
Phone is 801-548-0561

I sent a package last Friday and she charged $5 per pound and a $6 delivery charge. She is darling and very helpful. She told me that my package would be delivered to the MTC on Wednesday. I also asked her if my son could use her service to send things home. She said yes, that a lot of missionaries used her service. She told me to have my son pack up his things, put the mailing address on the package (I would also tell them to attach a list of what is included in the box as they have to put it on the shipping manifest) and take them to the mission home. Then they need to call her father, Pedro Contreras Cruz, and he would pick it up from the Mission home. She said that the mission homes were very familiar with her father. He doesn't speak English so the missionary needs to be able to communicate or ask someone in the mission home to call him. The contact information in Lima that was on the bottom of my Invoice is as follows:

Mz. M Lote. 3 Urb. San Carlos -Santa Anita
Phone: 343-4666
Cell: 998807196

She told me that her father would pick up the package and ship it to Vanessa and then she would weigh it here and then I would pay for the shipping costs. That way our missionaries don't have to pay on their end. I thought this was great. That way all the costs are paid for by the parents. So if your missionaries have purchased gifts or items they want to take home, they can ship them and not have to pack them around with them. Hope this helps some of you.


  1. Is there an email for Vanessa? I would love to send pkgs through her but assume we need to contact her first and I am having trouble catching her by phone.
    Thank you so much for the blog! wonderful information and help.

  2. Hi, My husband is the one that has talked and sent our packages with Vanessa but we didnt have to do the plastic bag. We just put everything in a box and sent it like a regular package. I dont know why sending it was different for us? I have asked my husband to find out about the plastic bags and she told him that was only for small packages and if you have a larger on then a box is fine??? We even wrapped my sons Chrismtas presents and he got the box and everything just like we sent it?? Maybe the way my husband did it is more expensive but we sent another package just last week the same way in a box. I am confused because everyone on here talks about having to send things in a Plastic bag with Vanessa? I just wanted other people to know that we didnt have to send our package in a plastic bag at all? I have no idea why ours went fine in a box unless it was more expensive to do it that way? I am still confused about how we sent our sons packages and the info about the plastic bags. Vanessa told my husband, when he asked about the plastic bags that those were only for small things and that a box was fine all we had to do was declare if anything in the box cost over a hundred dollars?? Anyway, just wanted to share our experience with Vanessa with everyone since it is so different than the others I have read about. We totally got to wrap his Christmas presents and he got them just as we sent them. My husband has also called her and she tracks the packages and let us know when it should be delivered. I am just confused about the whole plastic bag thing? Why was our package fine and everyone else has to send theirs in a plastic bag????

    Sorry, I seem to always be confused since Spencer left on his mission???

    Carrie McGhie
    MM to Elder Spencer McGhie
    Peru LIma East Misson

  3. So i realize this hasnt been commented on for like 4 years but my missionary is now in Peru and I am going to have Vanessa send something to him and i talked to her on the phone but had a hard time understanding her, she said to send it all in one box but put all the info in the envelope (inculding money) and i was wondering if she repackages them and then sends them from there or what? Do we need to give her like a list of whats in the box like you would sending it through the post office?

  4. We have used sweet Vanessa for the entire 2 years that our son has served in Lima (Sept 2012- Aug 2014). He has NEVER had a problem with the packages we've sent him. I've usually sent them in Large gift bags, sometimes individually wrapped, sometimes not. I VERY highly recommend Vanessa - she's never let us down!

  5. I am taking a package to Vanessa today. I will post after I speak with her to let you know of my experience. So far she's been very easy to get a hold of and extremely helpful!